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Every week there seems to be another negative news story about imported products: contaminated toothpaste, rain forest destruction, defective drywall, lead paint on our children’s toys, clothing made in sweatshops, and more. Before we buy many of us are now asking “Where is this made?”

I am proud to say that in 2017 over 93% of what we purchased was made in the United States or Canada! It is your assurance that the wood comes from sustainable harvested North American forests and your furnishings are manufactured under environmentally friendly conditions in nearby factories. And that keeps jobs here at home!

This also allows your purchase to be made to your specifications and yet delivered over much shorter distances. That saves more natural resources. Plus the higher quality of materials and craftsmanship will insure many extra years of service and satisfaction.

Look for our “Made in America” tags throughout the store as well as our “USA MADE” icons throughout the website!


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